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Pico Pico Matsuri


Next week on Saturday (23rd March), I will be performing with some of the greatest chiptune artist in Japan at Club asia in Shibuya. YMCK, Professor Sakamoto, MC 8bit, Higedriver to name a few.
If you like Chiptune, this is a must see!!

You can get tickets on the link bellow:

Even if you don't get a ticket in advance, you can get it at the door (it will be 500 yen more expensive though).
Hope to see you there!


New Single: Beam Of Love

Here is my new release "Beam Of Love", which is available on bandcamp, check it out!

New EP: Robotprins Plays Guitar

My new EP's title is "Robotprins Plays Guitar", and as you might have guessed, it's me playing guitar to some of my classic chiptune hits! 


It is out on bandcamp, you can get it here:


You can also order a copy by sending me message here: buy cd


Special thanks to HARA, for the awesome artwork

and Toni Leys for mixing/mastering. Great work as always!!


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